Sellers Vilma and Manuel came to me frustrated because, after 3 months, their home wasn’t selling. They originally found me on Facebook, and we connected but, despite my advice at the time, they decide to list with the out-of-town agent who sold them the house. In June, Vilma reached back out to me, stressed and discouraged. She decided to follow my original advice and list with me, a local agent. We listed their home on June 11 and, less than a month later, in the current pandemic conditions, their home is now sold and they are thrilled to be able to move on to the next chapter of their life.

I’d love my next successful home selling story to be yours. Please reach out so we can meet and talk about your home and how I can get it sold, quickly and safely. justaskjosey@me.com 905.353.6884

(P.S. I have a serious pre-approved buyer who wanted to buy their house but missed out. I’d love to find her another townhouse so, if you’ve been thinking of selling, please reach out to me.)

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