Is clutter stopping you from listing your home?

This home was a mess when I first visited it. The homeowner had had a stroke and lost some mobility so clean up was not just overwhelming but physically impossible for her. But she needed to sell! After she received one of my postcards at her house (she’s in my neighbourhood in Niagara Falls) I went to visit her. After a long chat, she agreed to list her home with me with the promise that she’d trust me to do what it  took to get it cleaned up and ready for market. She put her faith in me, and went ahead and rented a storage locker, hired a crew and we went in on a Sunday and, in 4 hours, had the place cleaned up and ready to list. It only took 6 days to sell and she couldn’t be happier. There is no way this would have happened without the help of me and my team.

If clutter or “too much stuff” in your home feels overwhelming and is stopping you from getting it on the market, get in touch. I can help!

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